AppDays {code} - la formation iOS - Paris - 23-27 novembre 2015

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AppDays {code}, c'est la conférence AppDays, étendue avec 3 jours de formation iOS.

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PMI Forum 2015 - Sketchnote poster

I attended to the PMI Forum 2015 in France, organized by the French Chapter in Grenoble Graduate School of Business, on March, 25th and 26th.

This event was a fantastic opportunity to give a first try to the sketchnoting technique I had learnt from Mike Rohde's book The Sketchnote Handbook: the illustrated guide to visual note taking.

I had the pleasure to attend to keynotes about:

  • Global trends for Project Management worldwide
  • PMO lifecycle
  • Innovation and how to nurture it
  • Grenoble as a fertile ground for innovation: How to achieve this objective
And a lot of fantastic workshops...

Based on all these inspiring activities, I used my newly learnt skill to poster the overall event into an A4 sketchnote.

Please, don't hesitate to comment this first try !

Schedule crashing - A modeling tentative

That's unfortunate to say, but, as a PM, I usually come to face situations where the project has fallen behind schedule. Most of the time, the reasons are cumulative small "leakages" which combine themselves to create chaos: few delays in delivery from developers, one team member who gets sick for a couple of days, a purchase order which comes late...

Agile Grenoble 2014 : c'est parti !

Agile Grenoble

Agile Grenoble 2014

Agile Grenoble
Agile Innovation
Formation Management 3.0

3 événements à ne pas manquer !

Let's GROW !

As yearly assessment is starting again, I'm summarizing all the elements that made people grow during the year, and what will keep on making them following the same trend next year.

As I read John Whitmore books on coaching, which inspired me, I've prepared the interviews by using the GROW model, widely used in coaching.

Goal: The Goal is the end point, where people want to be. The goal has to be defined in such a way that it is very clear to the employees when they have achieved it.

Reality: The current reality is where the employee is now. What are the issues, the challenges, how far are they away from their goal? What are the obstacles stopping her/him getting from where they are now to where they want to go?

Options: Once Obstacles have been identified, the employee needs to find ways of dealing with them if they are to make progress. These are the Options.

Will or Ways forward: The Options then need to be converted into action steps which will take the employees to their goal, using their sheer will.

By presenting things this way, I hope that people better feel their accountability in their careers, and I hope provoking some interesting self-reflection on their own drivers and desires.

Chaging the game - Amazon faces industry incumbent Hachette

As an obsessive reader, as well as being strongly interested in economics and business models design and execution, I paid attention to the conflict between Amazon and Hachette around e-books.

Indeed, what is interesting in this conflict is the reflexive survival behavior of the current leader faced to a challenger who definitely want to change the world.

Amazon, as many challengers who want to introduce disruptive changes into the market, comes with arguments which state that

  • Change and healthy competition will incept new dynamics into the global market, thus providing side benefits to the current incumbents
  • Lower prices does not necessarily mean lower revenue, and create a win-win relationship with customers
  • Generated benefits spread out into all components of the value chain, thus motivating contributors to value thus reinforcing positive market dynamics
  • Industry incumbents think "in the box" too much, and are blind to emerging and raising competition

Challengers arguments are fact based:

About the price of e-books: Costs are simply far lower than for a paperback copy

With an e-book, there's no printing, no over-printing, no need to forecast, no returns, no lost sales due to out of stock, no warehousing costs, no transportation costs, and there is no secondary market — e-books cannot be resold as used books. E-books can and should be less expensive.The Amazon Books Team

About the blind spot:

They [Industry incumbents] think books only compete against books. But in reality, books compete against mobile games, television, movies, Facebook, blogs, free news sites and more. If we [Amazon + Readers alliance] want a healthy reading culture, we have to work hard to be sure books actually are competitive against these other media types, and a big part of that is working hard to make books less expensive.The Amazon Books Team

About the positive win-win market dynamics:

The important thing to note here is that the lower price is good for all parties involved: the customer is paying 33% less and the author is getting a royalty check 16% larger and being read by an audience that's 74% larger. The pie is simply bigger.The Amazon Books Team

Incumbent who feel threatened in their fundation often react through legal actions, instead of trying to open their mind and benefit from these insights brought in by competition to build on top of it. We could also see this kind of struggle in France between Taxis and VTC (acronym for private drivers) using Uber. In IT domain, the result is often massively hegemonic companies grasping main of the market value after the market revolution occured. Market could benefit from more innovation from threatened companies which often have the cash to fund interesting ideas from their people, and also bringing insights unravelled by competition into the equation.

By the way, I stand for more people being able to access to knowledge, and e-books clearly go into this direction. That's why I support Amazon in this conflict.

You can read the entire letter from Amazon Books Team on

Step into the light!

I'm just back from Mumbai, where I experienced an exciting and fantastic leadership one week journey.

A lot of team and group challenges allowed to foster an incredible team spirit and even friendship amongst members from within only few day.

Amongst all these insights, there's a quote we shared within the group I felt really inspiring:

What is your core competency ? Get real !

Such a question can look like an easy one...

My point is, if you ask it to different people within the company, I bet that you'll get many different answers. And the bigger the company, the most diverse answers you'll get.

Some will speak about the miraculous technical experts who design and build the products which are sold, others will speak about fantastic project managers which make the company exist thanks to huge profit margin they ensure, others will put foremost the unbridled creativity of marketing guys without which nothing could ever be possible...

CIO : Capital Investment Outperformers or Cost Increases Owner ?

Which CIO the one at your company / your customers is ?

Indeed, that's not a great deal to say that people with a title starting with a glorious capital "C" shall know about money and companies strategy...

Requirements Management - Don't do that !

Relying on experts in your team is a good practice. This enables team spirit, make your experts engaged and ensures you that the committments you take are secured.

However, as shown in this fun Koreus video, relying on experts doesn't mean no PM responsibility about managing stakeholders expectations or scope management...

Have fun !

QOTD: Customer ignorance

I've just read this quote in Geoff Colvin's book "Talent is overrated", and found it perfectly hit the target:

As the strategy consultant Gary Hamel likes to say, if customer ignorance is a profit center for you, you’re in trouble.Geoff Colvin

Indeed, it has never been so true...