Quality Approved

During my preparation phase to take the exam in early 2014, I came to revisit the Quality Management Knowledge Area.

It has always been a bit tricky for me as in software development world:

That being said, I went through several questions related to quality processes and did had a good hit ratio. Although I knew the issue, I still had trouble to figure out in which process which activities were conducted.

And, I finally understood clearly by reading the Mulcahy section on Quality Management Knowledge Area:

Plan Quality Management focuses on defining quality for the project and indentifying how it will be achieved.
Perform Quality Assurance is an exeucting process, so its focus is on the work being done in the project; its purpose is to ensure the team is following the processes as planned to produce the project's deliverables. In contrast,
Control Quality (a Monitoring & Control process) examines the actual deliverables produced on the project; its purpose is to ensure the deliverables are correct and that they meet the planned level of qualityRita Mulcahy

Equiped with these summary definition, it seems a bit clearer. But the last thing to remember is that there are project management processes as well as product related processes and procedures... Quality Management addresses both !

Good luck to my fellow trainees !