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Striving to continuously improve project and general management skills as well as grasp what leadership means. Sharing knowledge, skills and best practices gathered after thousands days of practice, some books on these topics and providing you with tools and insights for helping you grow in management domain.


Accomplished and result-oriented Project Management Practitioner, I have a proven track record of getting international software development and integration projects execution to completion, relying on distributed teams and international vendors.

Allying passion for programming, creativity, leadership and business acumen, I collaborate with up to C-suite executives as well as technical teams to frame projects, design solutions, and ensure their smooth execution.

Proficient problem-solver, I use my analytical skills to evaluate risks and build pragmatic delivery strategies.

Profit-minded decision-maker, I pay a close attention to take balanced decisions between customer satisfaction and impacts on project's profit by challenging customers business cases.

With a partner mindset, I build and nurture a trustful and sustainable relationship with project team and project stakeholders, communicating openly.

And technical-grounded team leader (up-to 50 people), I'm known for being able to focus on the big picture as well as drilling down to more technical details.