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Accomplished and result-oriented Project Management Practitioner, I have a proven track record of getting international software development and integration projects execution to completion, relying on distributed teams and international vendors.

Allying passion for programming, creativity, leadership and business acumen, I collaborate with up to C-suite executives as well as technical teams to frame projects, design solutions, and ensure their smooth execution.

Proficient problem-solver, I use my analytical skills to evaluate risks and build pragmatic delivery strategies.

Profit-minded decision-maker, I pay a close attention to take balanced decisions between customer satisfaction and impacts on project's profit by challenging customers business cases.

With a partner mindset, I build and nurture a trustful and sustainable relationship with project team and project stakeholders, communicating openly.

And technical-grounded team leader (up-to 50 people), I'm known for being able to focus on the big picture as well as drilling down to more technical details.

Professional skills

  • Business skills : Proficient knowledge in Telco operators SI
    • eTOM / TAM / SID norms, operators IS overall architecture
    • Relationship between IS components: OSS (Provisioning, services activation, inventory, service assurance), BSS (Billing, CRM, Product catalog, BPM) and Business Intelligence
  • Communication
    • Ability to manage teams, ability to share vision and motivate people
    • Communication and negotiation skills
    • Conflicts management skills
  • People development
    • People recruitment in order to sustain organization’s growth
    • Career management and people development through accurate training
  • Project management
    • Ability to scope projects and to enable their successful launch
    • Ability to manage multi-million Euros budgets
    • Day-to-day monitoring
    • Multi-sites distributed delivery projects management, involving different work cultures (France, India, Morocco…)
    • Sensibility to legal aspects of contract negotiation
  • Technical skills
    • Software packages: Ericsson BSCS (Billing), Kabira KPSA (Service activation), TTI Netrac (Service assurance – network elements and services monitoring)
    • Languages: Java/J2EE (Spring, Struts frameworks), Databases (Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL), ETL (Talend), Unix Shell (Linux, HP, Sun Solaris), C
  • Methodology
    • Configuration management (SubVersion)
    • Issues tracking systems (QC Defects)
    • Test management (HP Quality Center) / Testing strategs
    • Continuous integration (Jenkins, Maven, Sonar, JUnit, SureFire, MSBuild…)
    • Agile project management basics (Scrum, XP)
  • Personal abilities
    • Hard working / Stress resilience
    • Ability to adapt to different work cultures and to both new technical and non-technical matters
    • Sense of organization which enables me to prioritize and to perform different kind of tasks
    • Sense of responsibility / Commitment to results
    • Ability to analyze facts in order to construct and share a global vision of a given situation
    • Strong autonomy


  • French: Native language
  • English: Fluent
    • CEFR level: C1 - Effective Operational Proficiency
    • Project management in English
  • German: Basics


Professional experience

Capgemini – Division Telecom & Media    Grenoble    Global services provider

110 000 employees

Since 2011    Project director

Management of all back-office parts of billing « skill group » (organizational structure) projects performed in Grenoble (Team building, knowledge and skills transfers, negotiation with subcontractors, project direction’s KPI, engagements executive in front of customers). As this new structure has been founded in Grenoble in 2011, I’m committed to ramp it up to 30 resources before end of year 2011, mainly through recruitment and winning new opportunities as part of pre-sales activities.

Projects led
  • 2011 – 1-Tier French operator    300 k€    Web Services implementation

Realization of Web Services standardized interfaces based on J2EE technologies (Spring Framework, Apache CXF, Hibernate, JONAS) for BSCS iX billing software package (Ericsson) which native APIs are CORBA-based. Implementation of numerous tools available on the market in order to set up continuous integration on the project (Jenkins, Maven, JUnit, SureFire, Cargo, Sonar) and profiling (YourKit) to ensure quality and optimal performances of software code.

  • 2011 – Audio/Web conference operator    7,3 M€    IS end-to-end transformation

Complete redesign of IS by several teams: a team dedicated to change management (business processes redesign), a production team (functional design and technical realization), an integration team (testing application blocks and end-to-end validation) and a team dedicated to global data migration. I'm entrusted with the management of production team activities, using .Net technologies (C# / The following IS blocks are self-care portal, order management, technical inventory, workforce management, mediation and service activation.

  • 1-Tier french operator subsidiary    3,3 M€    Billing system replacement

For the Caribbean subsidiary of a large French mobile operator. Completion of the pre-sales phase for the upgrade of billing system from BSCS v8 to BSCS iX (Ericsson). Project won, start-up postponed to early 2012.

  • Indian ocean operator    12 M€    Full IS overhaul RFI

Answer to RFI for a full overhaul of current operator's IS. The proposal covers change management aspects (redesign of Business Processes, change management of the organization as a whole), design, development, integration of legacy blocks kept from the existing IS, data migration, and full end-to-end validation of the new IS, within a less than 30 months timeframe. Project structure relies on local partners and offshore production centers.

2009 – 2010    Service Center Manager

Management of a service center (20 people) dedicated to quality of services for a large French operator. All projects were based on TTI (Israeli software vendor) Netrac technology. The objective of building this structure was to set up a part of the service center in India in order to optimize project costs. After having set up a 6 people team in India, the profitability goal has been achieved (target margin exceeded by 12%).

Projects led
  • GSM network monitoring    600 k€

Project (4 releases) which consists in monitoring of all GSM network equipments on France territory. Important volume (10,000+ CDR during peak hours). TTI Netrac Technology, Oracle 10g, Unix Shell. SCRUM methodology implemented.

  • International calls performances    300 k€

Project (2 releases) which consists in monitoring performances of equipments involved in international call carrier. Pre-aggregation of KPIs calculated for business intelligence layer. TTI Netrac Technology, Oracle 10g, Unix Shell.

  • WDM/SDH core network monitoring    200 k€

Time & Material services for a core network (WDM/SDH) monitoring system implementation. Automatic correlation rules coding to limit the number of alarms displayed to network operation center operators. TTI Netrac Technology, Oracle 10g, Unix Shell.

  • IMS equipments performances    200 k€

Project (2 releases) which consists in monitoring performances of equipments involved in interoperability of converged IP networks and mobile 3G. Pre-aggregation of KPIs calculated for business intelligence layer. TTI Netrac Technology, Oracle 10g, Unix Shell.

  • Pre-sales activities in order to ensure business-as-usual continuity
2005 – 2009    Project Manager

Management of more and more complex OSS projects (operators IS layer dedicated to network elements management).

Projects led
  • 2008-2009 – French operator    400 k€    International calls performances

Project (4 releases) which consists in monitoring of all GSM network equipments on France territory. Important volume (10,000+ CDR during peak hours). TTI Netrac Technology, Oracle 10g, Unix Shell. First project conducted with the help of TTI software vendor. Contract and distributed delivery model (Grenoble and Tel Aviv) set-up with subcontractor.

  • 2006-2008 – Various subsidiaries    1,5 M€    Mobile services activation

Pooling for French and Swiss subsidiaries of a European operator of projects related to improving the automated mobile services activation. The objective was, for a given high level provisioning command (eg contract creation to enable Voice + Data 3 hours bundle) to enable or change the settings of all network platforms involved in the provision of service, in near real-time. Kabira KPSA Technology, Web Services, Unix Shell, C. Much of the effort has been dedicated to the Swiss subsidiary for setting up an IS provisioning block dedicated to MVNO activation (Wholesales). The amount of generated business allowed us to set up an offshore team (6 people staff for a total staff of 20) and industrialization required in this kind of organization.

  • 2005-2006 – French fixed-line operator    500 k€    xDSL services activation

Corrective and adaptive application maintenance of xDSL services activation system. Kabira KIS, Unix Shell and C technologies. Production team based in Grenoble. No subcontractor.

  • Moroccan operator    1,5 M€    Fixed services fulfillment

Involvement in technical study for the replacement of a fixed networks and services inventory for a Moroccan operator. The scope covered fixed telephony, business data services (leased lines, X.25, PDH/SDH) and xDSL offering. Oracle OSM Technology. Project won.

  • Pre-sales activities in order to ensure business-as-usual continuity
2003 – 2005    Developer / Team management

Development of several releases of a network inventory dedicated to xDSL for a French fixed-line operator (Oracle 8i / PL/SQL / Websphere MQ). After having begun as a developer, a proficient knowledge of xDSL technology enabled me to quickly become lead analyst, to participate in solutions estimates and to on-board and coach new comers on the project.



  • 2000–2003: Master of Telecommunications in National Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble (France) ENSIMAG / PHELMA (Computer Science and Applied Mathematics / Physics Electronics and Materials)
  • 1997–2000: A 3 year program in mathematics and physics preparing for the entrance examinations for the French Grandes Écoles in Lille (Faidherbe)

Training sessions attended

  • Intellectual Property (2011): Legislation awareness about Intellectual Property
  • ROI, value and costs of IS (2011): Tools and methodology to calculate costs and added-value of the IS. Economic analysis of projects. Construction of business cases
  • Contract negotiation (2010): Contract negotiation awareness in French law (pitfalls, basic know-how ...)
  • SimulTrain (2008): Stress management training based on a project management simulator
  • Advanced scheduling (2007): Advanced scheduling with Clarity / Open Workbench
  • Quality and test activities (2006): Awareness of different kind of testing activities and their use to ensure quality of software products
  • Objective: EM (2005): Basics of mandatory skills for project management (planning/scheduling, managing relationship with customers, construction of project budget and balance, financial indicators monitoring...)


EM2 Certification (2008 and 2011)

Capgemini internal Certification (Engagement Manager Level 2)

This certification recognizes the EM2 ability to manage medium complexity engagements, up to 10 000 m*d (or 10 M€) with a team from 15 to 49 people, and the ability to lead pre-sales activities for significant deals. Certification consists in a presentation of a summarized track record on similar size engagement completed in accordance with customer satisfaction criteria and margin forecasts, as well as a presentation of two cases of successful pre-sales.

EM1 Certification (2006)

Capgemini internal Certification (Engagement Manager Level 1)

This certification recognizes the EM1 ability to manage medium complexity engagements, up to 2 000 m*d (or 2.5 M€) with a team from 5 to 14 people, and the ability to participate in pre-sales activities. Certification consists in a presentation of a summarized track record on similar size engagement completed in accordance with customer satisfaction criteria and margin forecasts.


Extra-professional engagements

ENSIMAG Campus management since 2010

  • Single Point of Contact between ENSIMAG and Capgemini Telecom & Media division.
  • Lectures organization in order to introduce students to several aspects of corporate world (Career path, resume writing guidance) and to technical hot topics (Technological lectures).
  • Support to school for launching apprenticeship for master’s degree diploma.
  • Ongoing actions taken to participate in educational curriculum.

ENSIMAG Alumni : Active member